greg mcshane

Greg McShane

Bureau 328, Institut Fourier.

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You should be able to find out about my research and teaching here. But if you need a CV for some reason (grant applications, invitations etc) then here is a CV. Just in case you are wondering why this page is on GitHub read this and here are my github repos I’ve just added a new repo for a project I’m working on with a student.

I’m in Singapore for the meeting on thin groups 3/6/2024-14/6/2024. On Friday 14/6 I’ll be giving a talk

I went to Oxford in January to give a talk in the topology seminar and I was supposed to go to San Francisco in January to give a talk in a special session on Markoff numbers at the AMS meeting but this got cancelled because of Notilus.

Teaching 2023-24

First semester

MAT 102


Second semester


What have I been doing lately?

Last summer I was travelling in Japan visiting TiTech and Rims

I am always working on the geometry of surfaces and its relations with number theory here are some preprints.

seminars I go to

Basically if you are looking for me on a Thursday well….forget it!

and a little more…

I am a (low dimensional) topologist a subject which has it’s origins in the work of the French mathematician Henri Poincaré. I am interested in visualisation and computation in mathematics

I was a member of ICERM at Brown University in 2019 participating in Illustrating Math and visits to

Here is the book that we wrote during the semester.

And where I got time to do write stuff forInkscape like this Apollonian Packings

I am also am/was a beta tester for :

(actually Copilot is out of beta now and completed most of the above list)

This is what I look like

IHP 2012 : La Maison des Maths

IHP 2012 : La Maison des Maths

More real math on blackboards

Research Networks

Rencontres du GDR in 2020:

When I was director of the GDR Tresses we organised a number of meetings even during the pandemic.


This is a quasi-Fuchsian manifold: it’s a basic kind of 3 manifold homeomorphic to the product of a surface and an interval together with a (non unique) choice of hyperbolic metric. Togther with Prof. S. Kojima of TITEC we are working on applying converegence results for quasi-Fuchsian manifolds and Teichmueller theory to get information about closed hyperbolic manifolds.

With Bill Goldman and a couple of his ex students we have been working on a book that just got published by the AMS. Much of it is dedicated to explaining this picture of an invariant fractal in the character variety.

Recent preprints

Mostly geometry of surfaces and (elementary) number theory.


Talks were Reveal.js slides till 2023 but I’ve switched to Marp but it’s basically the same








From March 2014 I’ve also been working with the fablab MSTIC making mathematical curiosities from wood. I’m mainly interested in constructing geometric objects in wood using kerf bending patterns. Wood prepared using a laser cutting machine can be bent and joined to like a 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle. collection of pieces

photo photo

In November 2014 I was invited to take part in a workshop forarchitectural students Architect 2.0 Grenoble to explain the techniques and possibilities.

photo photo

What I’m doing this week

more here

Simulation of an epidemic

I embedded this in a script with pygame too

Finally (you can skip)

After being abused by ed as a teenager I’ve recently converted to the church of neovim